About Us
Ainsworth Baptist Church is a growing community of caring people seeking to know and follow Christ, and to demonstrate the hope and love of Jesus to our friends and neighbors in the Greater Flint Community.


Mission Statement


Ainsworth Baptist Church has a heartbeat to enhance and serve the families of the Ainsworth Community by having:

A Heart for God - We celebrate the Lord and what He has done for us through our worship.


A Heart for Growth - We progress spiritually by encouraging each other to make our faith-walk a life-long commitment.


A Heart for Caring - We help hurting people discover God's love and healing. 


A Heart for Others - We introduce people to Jesus by providing a safe and comfortable environment where people can discover for themselves who He really is.


A Heart for Ministry - We recognize that when we are working together, serving each other and meeting needs, we are serving the Lord.


Core Values


At Ainsworth Church we seek to be intentional in emphasizing how we can honor the Lord and reach out to our community.

We highly regard these core values:

Relationships – We believe that all people have value because they are created in the image of God. We were designed by God to be relational both with God and with one another. We value people and strive to make certain that people have a priority over programs.


Relevance - The unchanging truths of God's Word are timeless and speak to people's deepest and most personal needs. We seek to make His Message known in ways that make sense to our culture and community.


Participation – We encourage all who come to worship, praise and celebrate God. We also serve the Lord together using the gifts God has given us.


Security – We provide a safe place where people can examine the claims of Jesus for themselves without coercion or intimidation.


Passion - We have a passion to reach the unchurched in our community and world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Compassion – We seek to let our community know that we are a church that cares in word and action.


Holiness - We seek to live lives of purity and faithfulness to please and honor the Lord.


Unity - We are a body, made up of individuals who are committed to working together to accomplish the Lord's purposes for our church and His Kingdom.